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Tech Services is the exclusive distributor of EnviroGard conversion kits.

Dealer Sign-up Process

1. Complete Dealer Application
2. Sign Dealer Agreement
3. Complete Training Registration
4. Submit above documents via:
     EMAIL -
     FAX - (813) 436-9771
5. Once all documents are received, an email will be sent with a dealer log in and password
6. Using the information provided, log onto the website, purchase training, required special tools, and kits (excluding Regional Trainings).
7. After completion of training, the website dealer log in and password can be used to purchase kits, components, and tools for conversions.

*As new engines, kits, and components are added, notifications will be
sent to the email address provided*
"Our goal is to be your most valued service provider"

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve.
Why EnviroGard?

EnviroGard offers EPA certified propane engines and conversion kits. 
Our kits and engines are as fuel efficient as most electronic systems with the simplicity and durability of 
mechanical systems, due to our proprietary electronic tuning process.

EnviroGard engines and kits are used by more OEM's (over 40) than any other propane fuel system on the market.

Dealers purchase kits directly through our 
distribution system and are able to install kits on any machine without being tied to a specific fuel provider. Dealers are not limited by the few models OEM's are offering. EnviroGard kits allow dealers to lower the initial investment; no double inventory of models.